Functional Assessment

  • Thorough records review
  • Interviews with relevant personnel
  • Direct observation on at least three occasions across multiple environments
  • Treatment-recommendations
  • Formal written report

Assessment and Plan Review

An assessment designed for individuals who have existing interventions that may need to be modified or have additional behaviors addressed. Typically conducted when assuming a case from another provider or when a client is new to a particular environment (classroom, residence, etc.)

Behavior Case Management

  • Ongoing, non-intensive intervention with individuals and families
  • Usually provided on a weekly basis
  • May include: social skills training, managing behavioral variability, adjusting goals, reviewing data, ongoing staff and parent training.

Parent/Staff Training

A nine week course that covers basic behavior management principles. Each class is an hour long with weekly homework assignments and in class hands-on work.

Direct Intervention

A service that involves behavior change procedures that are either extremely complicated or potentially dangerous. These interventions require a more highly trained or specialized individual, and are available as needed or upon client request. Most often utilized with very aggressive or self-injurious clients.

BCAB Supervision

All required hours of board supervision and practicum necessary for Board examination. These hours will constitute direct supervision at job sites as well as weekly meetings that will involve completion of assignments and feedback.


  • Intro to Behavior Management
  • Schedules of Reinforcement and How They Can Be Used
  • Data Collection and the Constructive Use of Data
  • Behavior Suppression Techniques
  • The Many Uses of a Task Analysis

Program Evaluation

Comprehensive classroom readiness training - interventions focused on reduction or elimination of extreme behavior, preparing individuals for integration into a cooperative classroom environment with the needed skills for participation and success.

*All services provided will include the direct involvement of at least one Board Certified Behavior Analyst