Home Security Systems


Installing Security- Creating Peace of Mind

Specializing in wireless home security, Pioneer can provide the security and lifestyle options desired by today’s modern family. Video surveillance, lighting controls, as well as thermostat control, are just a few of the options we can integrate into your home security system. Allow us to help secure your home and property, or business and commercial property from threats using state of the art video surveillance equipment.

Protect your commercial property

Specializing in commercial asset protection, Pioneer provides access control, burglar alarms and video surveillance solutions for your office, construction site or any location you need to protect. Access cards let you track who enters or exits your property and restrict that access based on time, security level,  work schedule or employment status.

Security Options:

Burglar Alarms

Criminals are becoming increasingly bold in when and how they enter a home or business to steal jewelry, guns, metals, drugs or money. Pioneer address these concerns by using the latest security technology and design to provide you the peace of mind you want and deserve.


Video Surveillance

Security cameras let you see everywhere and all the time. Secured internet access allows access to live or recorded video from virtually anywhere in the world. License plate cameras can identify vehicles, match them to your database and log their entry or exit. Infrared cameras see in total darkness, high definition cameras and lenses provide crisp images, water and vandal proof enclosures protect the camera at all times, low cost 24/7 digital recording means nothing is unseen or forgotten and when combined with the right experience and care; all of this means you will never again not know what happened and who did it.
Let Pioneer help you to protect your business, residence, employees and family.